The winners of the 2011

X Portrait Edition (2011)

And the AWARD in the amount of 2 500 pln for Michael Zielinski with Miller for the work my place already there
SECOND PRIZE in the amount of 1 500 pln to Maciej Bogaczyka of the Wielkopolski Family for the work Self-portrait found in a drawer
III Prize in the amount of 1000 pln for Arkadiusz Wojciechowski from Wroclaw for the work she and he
Honorable mention in the amount of 500 pln for Peter Biegaja from Gdańsk for the work which the father …
Honorable mention in the amount of 500 pln for Monica Ferris Jezusek from Węgorzewo for work List
Honorable mention in the amount of 500 pln for Jolanta Tailor Bydgoszcz for secrets of nocturnal butterflies

In addition, members of the jury awarded individual awards in the form of albums/books and diplomas of Honor:
Krzysztof Gierałtowski-Mai Zembrzuskiej with Michałowic for the work Obsessed
Krzysztof Jurecki-Alice Kondracka from Gdansk for Minor variations on a theme of poultry (1)
George Friday-Brad Sobierajowi of the boat for a Street Warrior
Władysław Nielipiński-Mariusz Paul Mazurowi of Lublin for Homo Felix
Robert Andre-Hannah Komasińskiej from the saw for the governess

In addition, the jury “fact” in people: Richard Fórmanek, Arkadiusz Gołębowski, Paul Hejman, Lenartowicz, Starzyński, Ryszard Warszewski, Adam Wolf granted the award in the form of a photo album Simon Pulcynowi from Warsaw for Wajda.