The winners of the 2008

7TH Edition (2008)

And the award to Chris Gołuchowi with 3 Knurowa works: "actors are non-professional and non-professional Actors", "II", "III" non-professional Actors in the height of 1800 gold
Second prize Alice Pietras from Warsaw for three works: "portrait of a mnemonic and" mnemonic, "portrait II", "portrait of mnemonic III" in the amount of 1000 gold
(III) the award to Paul Kosickiemu of 3 works: "Stay in the shade and", "Stay in the shade II", "Stay in the shade of the III", at a rate of 800 dollars
Mention of Governance for Świetokrzyskiego Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski Bülent I.: no title of 500 gold
Ropelskiemu Kacprowi Award (ZSP in a circle) with Grabow for work: "XXX" in the amount of 500 gold
Special mention to Peter Rosińskiemu from the boat for three works: "Entropy and Entropy", "II", "III" Entropy of 500 gold
Honorable mention Provincial Public Library and Cultural Animation Centre in Poznań, Jakub Piosikowi from the saw for work "portrait II", "portrait III"-in the form of a photo album
Testimonial Advertising Agency Publishing work-Black GRAIN FINE white Henry King from Trzcianki for two works: "Focused", "XXX"-in the form of a photo album.
Highlight the photo IMAGE of the WORLD Bulletin, Adrian Bauerowi from Dąbia for work: "faith"-in the form of a photo album and the annual subscriptions of the newsletter
Testimonial by Robert Andre Sean Mielczarkowi of Czestochowa for three works: "Ego 1", "2", Ego, Ego 3 "-in the form of a photo album