The winners of the 2007

6TH Edition (2007)

And the prize Paul Kosickiemu from Poznan for a series of work: Seweryna "1", "Seweryna3"

Second prize Maii Boruckiej with wheels for a set of work: "no title", "no title"

(III) the award to Adam Matuszewskiemu from Gdynia for the set of works: "Philosopher of Podlasie", "poet-Jurek Stachura"

Honorable mention Was for Radlina of Gibie "286"

Honorable Thomas Lazarowi from Szczecin for the work: "stuck in time"

Alice's award for her work from Warsaw Pietras: "Self-such a story"

Special Award (FINE GRAIN) Agata Jeziurskiej with Babiaka for the work "Paulina"