The winners of the 2015

The 14TH Edition (2015)

Reward:  4000 pln Grand prix was awarded to author a set of photos of Analogies-Monika Kryszczyńska.

Prizes for first place 2000 pln in the Portrait category for a photo of Susan-Sonia Szóstak, and in the Fashion category for a photo of Flowers-Luke Lic.

In addition, the awards have been granted:

Peter Naliwajko author Anna Wietecha (Honorable mention Provincial Public Library and Cultural Animation Centre in Poznań, Poland);

Wet Boots author Tomasz Yushkevich (emphasis from Sebastian Siębora);

Passions author Damian Budziwojski (Honorable mention from Robert Andre);

Whispers author Ewa Żydowicz (Honorable mention from Wojtek Sypniewskiego);

Patricco author Matthew Wozniak (emphasis from Arkadiusz Gołębowskiego);

and was awarded a prize from the Director of the Municipal House of culture in the circle for the work of the author of the two awards and Lenartowicz Matthew J’adore PRESS for Juli Zakrzewicz for Dreamer and Olga Bejm for mom.