History of the competition

When in 2002, Gołębowski from an urban culture house in the circle offered to organize a local portrait photography competition, he did not suspect that his initiative would gain such momentum. Just to remind you that on I edit the contest work sent 15 authors, and X edition in 2011 year accumulated 832 works as many as 303 authors. The Circle Portrait competition has become one of the most famous, popular and highly respected competitions about this theme in Poland.

Undoubtedly an important moment in its history was the year 2004, when it was to participate in the jury III edition was invited to Jerzy Friday, as chairman. By acquiring several sponsors, the prize pool has been significantly increased, which has undoubtedly raised the attractiveness of the event (93 authors sent 208 works).

However, only the next, 2005 year, has become a truly groundbreaking year. Drawing on the experience of various openings, the competition was combined with other artistic events, such as workshops, plein-air exhibitions, and accompanying expositions. The formula for inviting a jury, alongside Jurek Five, some of the famous Polish photographers/critics, who could take its toll on the next edition of the competition, was adopted. Together with Władkiem Nielipińskim from the Provincial Public Library and center for animation of Culture in Poznań, which included patronage of the competition, we was the first place of Maciej Kuszeli. The collected measures allowed not only to increase the prize pool to 5000 zł, but also to print the first catalogue of the post-competition exhibition.

In subsequent editions to the jury were invited: Jerzy Wierzbicki (2006), Janusz Nowacka (2007 and 2014), Wojtek Beszterda and Tomek Ciesielski (2008), Wojtek Prażanowski (2009), Anna Cymer (2009 and 2010), Mieczysław Cybulski (2010), Krzysztof Jurecki (2010 and 2011), Krzysztof Gierałtowski (2011). WBPiCAK in Poznań represented Władysław Nielipiński (2004 and since 2008), the MDK representative in the circle was Arkadiusz Gołębowski. The KKF were represented in the jury: Adam Wilk (2002-2004), Marcel Uciński (2002-2004), Tomasz Stażyński (2002-2003), Paweł Hejman (2004) and Robert Andre (all editions).

As in any competition in the world, the final decision of the jury is always subjective and often controversial. Therefore, since the 10th edition of the Competition (2011) The evaluation of works has been two stages, where in each stage by the amount of votes cast Jurorskich. Established complementary Jury consisting of invited creators and critics of photography (Krzysztof Gierałtowski, Stefan Wojnecki, Wojciech Prażanowski, Wojtek Beszterda, Paweł pierścień, Janusz Nowacka, Elżbieta Łubowicz, Krzysztof Jurecki, Zbigniew Tomaszczuk, Sergei Sachno, Wacław Wantuch, Jerzy Friday, Vladek Nielipiński, Robert Andre), by a majority of the vote chose work for the post-competition exhibition, and Jury of the competition (Krzysztof Gierłtowski, Jerzy Friday, Krzysztof Jurecki, Vladek Nielipiński, Robert Andre), also by majority, has made the prize breakdown.

In the year 2015 the competition went through another metamorphosis. In addition to changing the way the competition was sent from the 14th edition of the national competition, it became international.